Redway – Wolverton – WO01

Redway WO01 is a bicycle-route in Wolverton, Milton Keynes


WO01 starts at Millers Way just to the east of the roundabout between the V5 (Great Monks Street) and H2 (Millers Way).

From there it heads northwards, passing by the eastern side of Franklins Croft and then alongside Marron Lane before heading around the eastern side of school playing fields before finishing on Stratford Road


Road Crossings

H2 (Millers Way) – Underpass

Gloucester Road – at grade

Woburn Avenue – at grade

Aylesbury Street West – at grade

Stratford Road


WO02 – meets on Stratford Road

WO04 – meets near the Radcliffe School Main Entrance

WO05 – meets on Marron Lane between Horners Croft and Goddards Croft

WO07 – meets near Southern Way

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