Billing System Requirements and Costs

How does the system work?

Telecost Billing Services offer two systems for the generation of interconnect summaries.

  • Purchased System

    The billing system can be purchased from Telecost Billing Services and will be installed at a suitable location – this includes the billing software, installation of the database server and related database objects.

  • Outsourced System

    The relevant billing data (see specification below) can be sent to Telecost Billing Services and the summaries will be returned to the specified recipient once the data has been processed

System Requirements

Purchased System

Telecost Billing Services will not provide a machine for the software to be installed on, however recommendations can be made.

The machine on which the system runs needs to be running Windows and must have a valid installation of Microsoft Office in order to facilitate the generation of the summary Excel file. It must also be capable of handling an install of the latest Microsoft SQL Server software.

System Costs

All prices listed exclude VAT.

System Purchase and Installation – including Annual Support for first year : £9000.00
Annual Support : £1000.00

Annual Support covers updates to the underlying system, updates to the rate and number tables, and dealing with up to two dispute resolutions for each summary.

Outsourced System

The system can be adapted to deal with any call data format provided it contains the following four fields as a bare minimum.

  • Date and Time of call start – either as one field or two
  • Duration of the call – this can either be a field showing the duration or the date and time of the end of the call
  • Destination number – the phone number that was called
  • Originating number – the phone number that made the call

Billing Costs

All prices listed exclude VAT.

Minimum Monthly Charge : £120.00
Maximum Monthly Charge : £1250.00

1.55% of the first £30,000 of billable revenue and then 0.55% of billable revenue above that level

There is an initial three month period where the billing will be charged at the minimum monthly charge – this is available to new customers for the first three months that they use the billing services.

The following discounts are available :

Early Payment Discount 1 day : If the invoice is settled by 9am the day after it is sent to the customer a discount of 6% of the pre-VAT invoice amount will be applied to the following month’s invoice.

Early Payment Discount 3 day : If the invoice is settled by the end of the third working day after it sent to the customer a discount of 3% of the pre-VAT invoice amount will be applied to the following month’s invoice.

Referral Discount : For any customer that you refer to us, for any month in which they use the service and pay their outstanding invoice you will receive a discount of 10% of their pre-VAT invoice amount subject to a minimum of £20.00 and a maximum of £120.00